Could Your Treatment Be Our Knight In Shining Armor?

I live in a community that has been labeled as one of the fastest growing
counties in the state of Alabama. I am proud to be a part of this city and
have lived here for almost ten years. As a whole the city is one of the
best I have ever had the pleasure of residing in. There is one major flaw
to the area that I wish could be corrected. Our water system is among one
of the poorest you could ever encounter. It is virtually undrinkable in my
eyes. Everyone you speak with in the area complains of it. With so much
revenue flowing through and the growth expanding with leaps and bounds, why
can’t they correct the problem.

Granted, I am probably as guilty as any other resident who complains and
does nothing about it. I was recently surfing the net and found an article
on a company that supplies a produced water treatment. I am sincerely
wondering if our city has anything like that implemented here, and if not,
perhaps it should be considered. The way I look at it there are two
possibilities. I could go to the public works department and begin
researching and stating my concerns on what we have available at this
time. Or perhaps I should contact this company and give them a little
nudge to contact our city leaders and pitch for a possible meeting to
correct our problem. Either way, the community should benefit since at
this point we need help!

Missing The Favors

There was no doubt I was excited about my wedding. It was going to be a huge affair complete with everything except my dad! Being in the military and on active duty he had no control over when and where he would be at any given time. I had lived with this schedule my entire life and understood it. I am so proud of my dad for keeping us all safe. At the same time the selfish part of me wanted my dad to walk me down the aisle. I could not let anyone know how much this hurt me because it would put a shadow over our wedding. My uncle was standing in for my dad. Then the day of the wedding when the music began to play for us to get in line to walk the aisle I came face to face with my dad! He would not have missed this moment for the world he told me as he gave my check a gentle kiss. I do not remember any other part of my wedding as I remember that moment! I missed the wedding cake and passing out the wedding favors because I could not stop looking at my dad’s face filled with pride and tears. I am a daddy’s girl and neither of us would have it any other way!

It Will Be A Nice Wedding

When Angie walked into the church we thought she was going to blow her top! You could feel her anger from across the church. We were trying to help get things together before she arrived because we knew this would simply crush her but she came early! That was unfortunate for Greg! All she had asked of Greg was to pick up the wedding favors and arrange the church so the decorations were in place. Greg is her son and he has never been a responsible type. I think Angie is glad someone is willing to marry him! She likes Lisa a lot and knows she is just what Greg needs. Lisa works three jobs to provide for herself and to build a savings account for her later years. Greg spends what ever is in his pocket. Lisa has graduated college and works as a professional in two of her fields. Greg does odd jobs. The one thing that everyone can say about Greg is he is the nicest guy you would ever meet. He has a big heart and knows just what to say and when to say it to smooth things over. He will need all he can muster for the work he has not even attempted to do leaving it for his mom. She is more than tired of it and wants him to grow up. If it were not for Lisa working so hard she would have walked out and left it for Greg to figure out. Her worry is he would leave it for Lisa!

A Personalized Touch

My heart sank as I heard my dad ask my mom to have a re-commitment ceremony with him! She tearfully asked him what made him ask that of her? She was so moved. They were having their 25th anniversary celebration and instead of a regular party he wanted to take it further and have a ceremony. She was so happy. After all that is very romantic of my dad. She was like a school girl picking out the dress for their ceremony. It was so sweet watching them plan their ceremony. I ordered personalized napkins for the ceremony that had 25 years printed on them. I know my parents will love them as an added touch. Everything will be so special in this ceremony because they are choosing every thing themselves. They want us to do a sand ceremony with them so we can blend all of our lives together and see how much more life we have than in their original vase from 25 years prior!

Favors From Friends

Buddy and Regina have played in a small band for many years. To begin with it was Regina’s band but when Buddy heard them play he wanted to be in the band as well. It was an all girl band so including a boy was a big decision. Once they heard him play and sing they knew he was a great asset. They have been together every since. Through the years Regina and Buddy have spent many hours working together. Somewhere within that time they became a couple. It worked well for them since they could spend all of their time together. They travel together and work together. They have a strong foundation or it would be difficult for them to spend 24/7 together. Their wedding was some what simple but as weddings go it was nice. For their wedding favors they gave each of us a copy of their newest album. That was the music that played while the reception was being set up and as the guests entered the wedding hall. I have to admit I play that CD all of the time. I really love the sounds they create and the songs they write are amazing. To think I have known them since we were all in diapers is funny to think. Who knew there was such talent as we built tree houses together!

Collection of napkins

There is a collectors meeting at my local YMCA this month. A
collectors meeting is a gathering of individuals who maintain
collections of everything from bottle caps to dolls. My friend is
bringing his collection of personalized napkins this month. It’s
actually quite a nice collection too; he’s been adding to it for
years. I believe he has over 2000 individual personalized napkins to
show off. I’m bringing my collection of HeroClix. HeroClix is a
tabletop game which is about using miniature figurines of various
superheroes and heroines. My collection is quite modest, only about
thirty figurines so far, but I’ve tried to get most of the Batman
villains and some of the more iconic heroes like Superman and Green
Lantern. Some of the other collections there are going be much more
extravagant. I hear a fellow is going to be bringing his vintage video
game collection and another is bringing a collection of rare minerals
and ores. I’m hoping that I get to see some rare gold ore and a old
classic arcade machine with Donkey Kong on it.

The Warmth Of A Fall Wedding

The wedding was beautiful! It was almost like stepping into the Gatlinburg, Tennessee mountains for all of the fall beauty that is there in late October. We lived in a little town right outside of Starkville, Mississippi and fall comes in with spectacular glory. The maple trees seem to morph into a color pallet of brilliant reds, warm gold and bright yellow leaves. The green fir trees get an even deeper green, more like a dark forest color. Pine needles cover the ground scattered with a coating of various colored foliage that blows underneath your feet as you walk along your path. Her wedding invitations were so inviting. They were a warm ivory color with stamped maple leaves which were gold leafed on the cover. The inside was a beautiful chocolate brown and the writing was ivory. It was perfect for her ceremony setting. She incorporated the outdoors into the wedding and the fall colors were scattered throughout the chapel and reception hall. Warm candlelight invited you into the dining area and you could smell the intoxicating aroma of apple cider and maple as you entered. There was even an area out back for those who wanted to venture into the exterior for a bit of fresh air. Propane heaters were discreetly placed for warmth and an open fire pit was the center of attention. The evening was enchanting and matched her wedding invitations to a tee!

Horror game decorations

Oh man, I had an absolute blast at the wedding I attended last night. It was awesome. The bride is a professional player of video games and her favorite genera of game is survival horror. So her fiancé and she decided on having survival horror themed wedding decorations and entertainment. Everyone had flashlights because the reception halls lights would randomly go out. Then paid actors dressed as various video game monsters would show up out of nowhere and scare the heck out of us. Shining your flashlight on the monsters would prevent them from attacking you, but you had to be quick because they moved so fast and you were only safe as long as your beam illuminated them. Different parts of the reception hall had different wedding decorations in accordance to what game they represented. Famous survival horror games such as Resident Evil, Dead Space, and Silent Hill were featured as well as some lesser known games like Slender. I was really impressed with the ideas for the wedding and the enthusiasm that the actors had for portraying the different monsters.

Frequently utilized and respected

Yelp is an online evaluation site with user generated critiques. It is one of the most frequently utilized and respected online review sites among customers. In March, Yelp released the results of the study it commissioned by Boston Consulting Group. This study found that: “Small businesses using a complimentary business owner’s account saw an average of $8,000 in annual earnings from Yelp.”

Chances are your business has already been outlined on Yelp, unless your business is completely new and you may already have consumer reviews. By starting your free enterprise owner’s account and proclaiming your business’s listing, you’re going to be able to make a dialogue to your own customers.

Complete your business’s profile totally. You can add your a description of your own firm, a connect to your website, pictures of your own products and place and also hrs of procedure. You can also respond to critiques from your consumers, possibly in personal messages or freely while in the remarks section. Creating a dialogue with clients is secret to developing a strong reputation. This tool can be used to ask clients back again to your business, which boosts possibilities of repeat clients. In addition, it gives you a chance to change their unfavorable reviews right into a good experience, and help customers who had a poor expertise.

Together with your business listing and client communication tools, Yelp offers business trend information. These developments give stats to retailers to see how well their companies are doing on Yelp and enables them all to track person views on their pages. Yelp additionally enables retailers to incorporate calls-to-activity on the pages, that may take clients directly to order forms, discount images or alternative custom landing pages. More specifically, stores can operate offerings for mobile clients.

To get started, a retailer has to “unlock” their business site and create a free business owner account. Merchants will need to familiarize themselves with best-practices for reacting to critiques. Yelp advises retailers to respond to good critiques with just a thank-you, as enticing evaluators to sign up for email databases or events or offering an motivation, can appear like a bribe or repayment for the evaluation.

Conversely, Yelp advocates that when reacting to unfavorable reviews, never be rude, condescending, disingenuous or provide inducements to improve reviews, as the fire will be fueled by that. When retailers thank clients due to their feedback and share any modifications as a result of the feedback they’ve made, future clients may take this into consideration and business owners might actually earn another opportunity.

Frightening Favors

October is upon us and with it I have a couple of Halloween themed weddings. I’m extremely excited for dressing up. I’ve got a couple of costumes all planned out. My first will be a famous character from Magic: The Gathering lore. He’s a demon of sorts who dresses like a pimp from Victorian times. He even has a jeweled cane. My second costume is going to be the Question, from DC Comics. He’s a paranoid detective who wears a mask which melds to his face and perfectly hides his identity. The wedding favors are rumored to be pretty awesome too. I’m told the first wedding I will be attending will be handing out classic horror movies as wedding favors. I’m a huge horror movie buff and am looking forward to adding to my collection. Some of my favorites include: The Silence of the Lambs, Quarantine, Dawn of the Dead, The Orphan, 28 Days Later, The Strangers, and The Fly. My girlfriend hates me sometimes because right before bed I’ll suggest we watch a movie and put on a Freddy Kruger movie instead of a romantic comedy.